11/11/2007 Article

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Tags: Fatah, Gaza, Hamas, Israel, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, PLO


On November 5, Hamas Political Bureau Chief Khalid Mish’al gave a speech to Arab intellectuals gathered at the Palestine Culture Institute in Damascus. The following

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07/11/2007 Publication

Hamas and al-Qaida: The Prospects for Radicalization in the Palestinian Occupied Territories

/ Khalid Amayreh

Tags: Al Qaeda, Gaza, Hamas, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Occupied Territories

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The rise of the Islamic Resistance Movement — Hamas — in the Palestinian Occupied Territories of the West Bank and Gaza provided a challenge for

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01/11/2007 Publication

Hamas Debates the Future – Attempting to Reconcile Ideological Purity and Political Realism

/ Khaled Amayreh

Tags: Hamas, Palestinians, Political Islam

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Palestine’s Islamic Resistance Movement — Hamas — won a surprising electoral victory in the January 2006 Palestinian parliamentary elections. Almost immediately, Hamas leaders, movement activists,

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01/11/2007 Publication

“Follow Us Not Them” — The Ramallah Model: Washington’s Palestinian Failure

/ Geoffrey Aronson

Tags: Bush Administration, Diplomacy, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Palestinians

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George Bush’s “vision” of a resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is based on the supremacy of the “Ramallah model” over the “Gaza model.” U.S. policy

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